Siyathanda, 'we love' in isiXhosa, standing for personal and political freedom 


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BOOK: Feminism is for Everybody by bell hooks
BOOK: I Write What I Like by Steve Biko
BOOK: Man's Search For Meaning by Viktor Frankl
BOOK: The Eye of the Needle, Towards Participatory Democracy in South Africa by Rick Turner
BOOK: The Wretched of the Earth by Frantz Fanon
CHAPTER: Pedagogy of the Oppressed (Chapter 1) by Paulo Freire
CHAPTER: Pedagogy of the Oppressed (Chapter 2) by Paulo Freire
CHAPTER: Pedagogy of the Oppressed (Chapter 3) by Paulo Freire
ESSAY: An Ounce of Hope is Worth a Ton of Despair by George Monbiot
ESSAY: Commencement Speech to the 2005 graduating class at Kenyon College by David Foster Wallace
ESSAY: Conquering a new popular hegemony by Marta Harnecker
ESSAY: Letter To A Young Activist During Troubled Times by Clarissa Pinkola Estés
ESSAY: Living and Surviving In a Multiply Wounded Country by Martha Cabrera
ESSAY: Shedding Self-Ignorance Through Struggle: Occupy Humanity, Abolish Whiteness by Mike King
ESSAY: Socialism and man in Cuba by Che Guevara
ESSAY: The Immediate Need For Emotional Justice by Yolo Akili
ESSAY: The Self-Attribution Fallacy by George Mombiot
ESSAY: The Soul of Man Under Socialism by Oscar Wilde, 1891
ESSAY: Towards human behavior from the other by Mark Weinberg
ESSAY: What Really Caused the Implosion of the Occupy Movement—An Insider's View by Yotam Marom
ESSAY: What the Market Does to our Souls by Alan Nasser
ESSAY: Why Socialism? by Albert Einstein
FILM: The Century of the Self
FILM: Thomas Sankara - the Upright Man
LYRIC: Babylon system by Bob Marley
LYRIC: Behind the Barricades by David Rovics
LYRIC: Doo Be Doo by Freshly Ground
LYRIC: Mountains O'things by Tracy Chapman
LYRIC: Shine by Joni Mitchell
LYRIC: The Internationale by Billy Bragg
POEM: A Moment of Silence by Emmanuel Ortiz
POEM: Bread and Roses by James Oppenheim
POEM: Painful Blessings by Rob Brezsny
QUOTE: "I am not a slave to slavery that dehumanized my ancestors" by Fantz Fanon.
QUOTE: "Our deepest fear …" Marianne Williamson
QUOTE: "We are not afraid of ruins" by Buenaventura Durruti
QUOTE: "We cannot trample upon the humanity of others..." — Chinua Achebe
QUOTE: Life is no brief candle to me, by George Bernard Shaw
QUOTE: On Death by Steve Biko
QUOTE: Providence moves too, by W. H. Murray
QUOTE: The Way of Transformation by Karlfried Gras von Durkheim

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